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'Helping your body to heal itself'

Earth Food & Herbal Health

Helping your body to heal itself

Live a healthy life........naturally


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Our naturopathic consultations consist of indepthly investigating what is going on for you and all your different body systems. Only then, along with some clinical testing, we can truly start to work out what may be the basis of the issues you are experiencing.


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Our products are designed to assist you with your health whilst being convenient and also very pleasing to the tastebuds. They are made from all natural, locally sourced, environmentally friendly and mostly organic ingredients to achieve the greatest health benefits possible.


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Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by explaining our services so that you can decide whether naturopathic treatment is best for your health. We will get back to you quickly so that you can embark upon being in control of your health.

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'The first step to good health is knowledge.'